1. AC Question's Avatar
    hello every body,
    i'm new in android world
    i tried to change my NOTE 4 ROM to latest version (6.0.1) my phone was rooted .
    i used ODIN all was good and finished with succed but i was surprise after install latest ROM my phone can't do restart any more so the install of rom was stopped on after restart and not finished.
    now my phone is can't reboot is, is look like is off but can't power on , need to remove battry and wait sometime maybe 1 minute and then make battry back and turn on ,
    because this problme i can't no restart or flash or do anything need restart ,
    please help me
    05-09-2017 06:02 AM
  2. yasze's Avatar
    i have the same probleme ,
    is work fine but after moment stop respond, and reboot to ODIN MODE ,
    need to unplugin and plugin the battry again after 2 minutes to work
    05-10-2017 04:00 AM

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