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    I know this has gone around before but this is a little different. Had a fella call me today asking why I called him. I don't know him and he doesn't know me. He told me this time of the call and my phone was on the charger at that time. He said this was the fourth call from my number. I assured him I was not calling him. Here's what is different, I checked my call log and it shows the call from him but does not show any calls out to his number. How can it call and not log the call? What is the best "clean up" app available? Greatly appreciate anyone's time for responding.
    07-25-2017 12:46 PM
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    07-25-2017 12:52 PM
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    It seems more likely to me that one of those robo-calling scams that use a fake caller-id is using your number. Try doing a Google search for your number in the form nnn-nnn-nnnn and see if you get any hits for other people complaining about calls from that number.

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    07-25-2017 01:14 PM
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    Thanks Larry, will do. Pel
    07-25-2017 01:53 PM
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    Found this on the AT&T site:
    "Unfortunately there is a common scamming practice known as number spoofing where one’s phone number can be used to call other people and attempt to get personal and private information. This is illegal and almost impossible to stop. As this practice allows scammers to personally choose the number that will be shown on the recipient’s caller ID. Your account or usage is in no way affected by number spoofing."
    It went on to say you can change your phone number as a deterrent but that is not a guaranteed solution.
    Ain't this some crap.
    07-25-2017 02:01 PM

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