1. Electric38's Avatar
    For ages now (I'm not brilliant with phones) I've been trying to understand why my phones internal memory is always full and am having to delete apps to continue use.
    I have a Note 4, 32gb of internal memory and 64gb sd card. I store all space hungry items like videos and photos (I take a lot of photos!) on the sd card.
    Yesterday I found the area which shows how much memory each app takes and right at the top was Google+ with 13.32GB (cache 4.00KB).
    I get a warning that all files, settings, acounts, databases etc will be deleted if I clear the 13.23GB from my phone.
    Will I loose any of my precious photos/videos if I delete it????
    Any help appreciated :-)
    08-05-2017 03:22 AM
  2. cganesh's Avatar
    google+ doesn't seem to be very active these days. I have all of my photos backed up on computer and thumb drives with active store on Google Drive. If you don't have SmartSwitch on your computer install it from Samsung from your account with them and it has a great back up function and easy way to move stuff around from phone to computer or phone to Google Drive cloud storage. once you back up or move everything you want to keep delete the cache. when I stopped using Google+ I disabled it and battery use increased dramatically.
    08-07-2017 03:10 PM

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