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    I have a cdma note4 from us cellular. Google maps won't stay connected it will search and find set up a rout but as soon as I start moving it says searching for gps signal. If there is a thread already explaining please point me that way but iv already tried using base app of Google maps and using many apps to calibrate to no avail even did a factory data reset still the same thing PLEASE HELP I have to have gps working on my phone for traveling.
    08-16-2017 09:42 PM
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    You may have to pull the SIM to do this - some SIMs (like AT&T's) disable this service menu. This rebuilds the GPS drivers from NV (nonvolatile) memory. It helped a LOT for me last year when my AT&T Note 4 started doing some seriously wonky things with the GPS. Your mileage may vary (see what I did there?).

    Dial USSD code *#0011# (basically "call" this number using your phone dialer)

    Then do the following:

    Menu/Key i.nput, enter Q
    Menu/Key input, enter 0000

    Wait a few seconds and a service menu should come up.

    From the SERVICE MODE menu

    [1] SETTING
    [2] SYSTEM
    [3] NV REBUILD
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    08-17-2017 08:03 AM

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