1. zanshin777's Avatar
    Is it possible to connect internet via ethernet with "ethernet to micro usb converter cable" on rooted phone?

    My phone still doesn't recognize the cable although my windows tablet works with it.
    08-23-2017 03:56 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    The problem is that those need a driver... on Windows tablets, the driver can be installed (or is already included if it's a generic Windows driver). On Android, unless the manufacturer has a specific app to make it work, you can't. The only 'generic' drivers licensed on Android are for media, mass-storage, and input (mouse, keyboard) devices.
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    08-23-2017 04:44 PM
  3. zanshin777's Avatar
    However I've heard that on Android tablets the ethernet cable work.
    08-26-2017 12:28 PM
  4. natehoy's Avatar
    However I've heard that on Android tablets the ethernet cable work.
    You still need a driver. Android is based on a modified Linux kernel and it's possible there may be a third party ROM that includes Ethernet-over-USB drivers in the kernel, but that might take some real looking around. If you have only rooted the stock firmware, then the driver isn't there.

    There are several apps on the Play Store that claim (as long as you have root) to be able to provide a generic Ethernet-over-USB driver for you. Basically they just add the driver to the kernel and expose it to Android (hence the need for root).



    I've never tried it, so I cannot confirm if either of these apps would work or are advisable to install.
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    09-01-2017 10:20 AM
  5. zanshin777's Avatar
    Thank you very much natehoy I'll try.
    09-02-2017 07:51 AM

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