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    So I stumbled across Samsung Focus a few days ago and gave it a try because it looked like the closest thing I've seen to a mobile version of Outlook desktop....and it is. And I love it. Yeah, it needs a little more polish and I'm sure our friends at Samsung will probably screw it up, but in the meantime I'm rolling with it. Anyway, the issue is that I can't change the notification sound for new emails....if I'm trying to use a custom tone. I can change it among the stock ringtones all day and it works fine. But if I set a custom tone, the app reverts back to whatever the previous stock tone was that I had set. However, the app is still showing the name/title of my custom tone.

    My first thought was maybe since the stock tones are .ogg and my custom tones are mp3, that maybe I need to convert them to .ogg. But then I noticed that Hangouts tones are also .ogg so I tried using one of them and got the same result as before...the app only plays stock notification tones.

    My 2nd thought was that the app will only play files that are stored in the File System Root/system/media/audio/notifications folder. My custom tones are in Internal Storage/Notifications. I tried moving these tones to the same folder as the stock tones using Total Commander, but it says it can't move files to that location.

    So, what are my options here? Anyone know of a work-around or fix to this?

    Semi-Related Bonus Question: Do any other file manager apps have the ability to move files into the System Root Folder? Or delete files from System Root? I also wouldn't mind deleting all of the stock ringtones (and notification tones) just to free up a little extra space and reduce clutter.
    08-26-2017 12:26 AM

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