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    I have an Android phone. I've had the same phone for a few years.

    When I start a call using the blue tooth menu from the car, can I have my screen on my phone locked so I don't pocket push buttons like turning off blue tooth or disconnecting?

    I don't know how I was placing or receiving calls differently over the past few years, but in recent weeks I've had issues where because the phone screen turned on, my pocket would hit the disconnect button, or deactivate blue tooth.

    I am using the finger print password.

    I also have the option set where when you push the power key, the screen locks. That's in the "Secured Lock Time" option under the "Lock Screen" menu. I have both that, and the 3 minute screen timeout under the "Display" menu.

    This thread seems to describe my issue. But I don't think there's a resolution.


    I just checked my Smart Lock settings.

    I had on-body detection off. I had Trusted Places Off. And I had Trusted Devices (like my car's blue tooth) off.
    09-09-2017 02:45 PM

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