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    I have an unlocked Samsung Note 4 that was on Verizon at birth. I use it on TracFone when in the US and Virgin mobile when in Canada. I am currently in Canada and have asked the service provider to verify that the mobile data is turned on twice. I am unable to connect to the internet when NOT connected to Wifi. This also affects messaging and the ability to send or receive attachments with messages. With wifi connected everything works fine.

    I have tried several solutions offered over the internet as well as the service provider.
    Here are some of the things I have tried to no avail.
    1. restarting - innumerable times both with and without the sim card installed
    2. re-entering the APN settings as a new item
    3. starting safe mode and attempting to connect
    4. I had installed pdanet with FoxFi when I was on Tracfone in an attempt to be able to use the phone as a hotspot while on their sim card but it did not work so I deleted those apps. I am thinking there may be some residual settings from this adventure that are causing my issue but there is nothing readily visible. I have checked for certificates from this but there are none to delete.
    5. I have done the 'Reset settings' option
    6. I have also done the 'reset network settings' option
    7. I have now done the factory reset and no change either

    Are there any other suggestions from those smarter than me?
    09-19-2017 02:22 PM

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