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    hi yesterday i was trying to install a custom rom but because im new in this kind of stuff i did something wrong so all in detail:

    first i rooted my phone and downloaded rom of resurrection (nougat)

    and downloaded the opengapp file now on pc i downloaded the official twrp from play store and that's where i did wrong i opened the twrp and even though i didn't really know how to use it i tried to do stuff on my own without any idea i just felt like it so i dont really remember what i did but i clicked on twrp flash and chose my device and downloaded both .tar and .img files i dont know still why i did that i watched some videos before doing that so i thought that it'd be simple and without watching or reading the whole thing i could do it by myself but it didnt work whatever after installing files i clicked on reboot from menu and there was boot system and boot recovery i dont remember which one i clicked but probably the system one so the phone turned off

    and the Android system recovery 3e came up where at the bottom it says dm-veriety vertification failed and i tried to reboot system now and tried all the stuff on this screen wiped data and all applying update from ADB and external storage is disabled and from cache is deprecated

    so i found some stuff about odin and how to install with it tried but it gave error complete(write) failed

    i know the whole thing is messy but please someone help me
    11-25-2017 06:42 AM

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