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    Hi, I restarted my note 4 because it hanged while I was encrypting the mobile. It stood at 0% for a couple of days so I knew something was up. When I restarted, it kept looping on Decrypting something issues.

    I used Volume +, Power and Home to get to the boot screen where I have choices like "Apply update from SD card" and I wiped data/factory reset and wiped the cache partition and now when I restart, it just hangs on the SAMSUNG text on the screen. I presume there is no firmware or system in there anymore to load properly.

    How can I get this back up and running?

    I have a few questions if someone can help me. I am downloading the firmware at Sammobile but need to know what my options are.
    - If I have unlocked my phone previously before this issue, does that mean I can use the Australian firmware N910GDTS1DQF2 version that does not have a carrier in brackets with it like Australia(Vodafone)? So I presume this non carrier firmware would not have any of the bloated carrier apps like the Vodafone version?
    - Should I install the Vodafone version only? When an issue like this occur, does the phone go back to being locked to Vodafone?
    - To update from SD, do I just copy the firmware file from Sammobile to an SD card and then install onto the mob and then choose the "Apply update from SD card" when I boot up? Or do I need to use Odin application?

    Thank you.
    12-29-2017 12:31 AM

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