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    Hi - Samsung Note 4 (few years old now - bought on launch day!).

    About a year ago the Fast Charging stopped working.
    'Normal' charging from the Samsung Fast Charger with Samsung cable is very very slow - same is also true of charging from PC USB ports or any other high power AC USB charger (Anker).

    Battery % will drop while plugged into the charger if I am browsing the web etc...
    Strange thing is if I plug it into my car charger it charges realy fast - many times fater than any AC power supply I have tried.

    I have replaced the battery with one from a Samsung service centre - twice - and used a known working Samsung FastCharger and cable from another Samsung phone that is charging fine and used other cables and chargers that work fine Fast Charging other Samsung phones we have.

    I have tried it with both the Fast Charging enabled and disabled in teh Battery settings and Ac charging performance is terrible no matter what.

    Also around the same time I lost USB connection to PCs.
    When I connect via USB the PC pops up a message "USB Device not recognised".
    I've tried this on a few different PC's & laptops - same issue.
    I've enabled developer mode and checked the USB config - switched it from MTP to Charging and back again - no different.

    I have also tried a full factory reset of the phone and stripped off all but essential apps.
    This has made no difference - still terrible charging performance from AC chargers (but good from car chargers) and still no USB connectivity to PC's.

    Any ideas???
    01-15-2018 08:02 AM
  2. Bubba7x's Avatar
    I don't have a solution for this problem, but I just wanted to say that you are not alone. A few weeks ago, my note 4 stopped fast charging. I did nothing to it, it just stopped working. I factory reset it, and called samsung. They said to go to best buy and talk to the lead engineer. He plugged into the computer and that is when I ran into the device not recognized probem. I called them again and they wanted me to send it in for $75
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    01-16-2018 11:59 AM
  3. natehoy's Avatar
    Since you have tried multiple cables, it sounds to me like one of the leads for the "data" part of the USB port in the device is dead - QuickCharge uses those to determine the allowed voltage and amperage to send down the charging wires and if no data comes back it assumes you want 5V @ 2A max.

    You'd probably have to replace the USB port on your Note 4. $75 is pricey for that but about what I would expect a manufacturer to charge. The port isn't that hard to swap but the damage may also be in the motherboard which would be more expensive, and $75 seems to be the going minimum bench fee for manufacturers any more.

    Here are the general instructions if you want to give it a go. Sounds like the part is about $25. It may or may not fix your problem - I'm assuming (which seems reasonable) that you simply have a worn out USB port which is not that unusual for something that has been around as long as the Note 4.

    WARNING: The following guide is rated MODERATE because you have to go into the phone all the way to the screen. It is not a risk-free repair.


    I've generally found IFixIt's guides to be of excellent quality, but there are other guides that are Google-able if you prefer.
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    01-18-2018 02:39 PM
  4. Bubba7x's Avatar
    A new charging daughter board and USB cable arrive today. I'll take it apart and put the new board in this afternoon, and see if it fixes the problem
    01-20-2018 10:37 AM
  5. Bubba7x's Avatar
    Update, installed the new board, I know I have installed it correctly, I did it before on different devices with different problems. This did NOT solve the problem. I still hAve a device not recognized error, and still do not have fast charging. Fixing to call the news about Samsung not taking care of their customers!
    01-20-2018 04:19 PM

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