1. MsBlingberry's Avatar
    Please help. I factory reset my Note 4 after several issues with the 6.0 update and battery life. I got a new battery, ran down to 15% tried charging, it's not charging and now battery has run down and i can't get it to charge. I've changed batteries, chargers etc still no dice
    07-20-2018 05:39 AM
  2. Itsa_Me_Mario's Avatar
    Most likely either an issue with the micro-USB port or the connection of the port to the board and not an issue with the batteries or chargers. That said, in an ideal world you want to avoid discharging the battery so low (15% and below) as that is both bad for the longevity of battery capacity and Li-On batteries can suffer perma-death (rare, but it happens) if discharged too low.
    07-20-2018 08:17 AM
  3. anon(5719825)'s Avatar
    It could be the battery is just faulty or maybe in a fake. I bought a few about two years ago that had the supposedly real Samsung label on them and the looked just like the originals. They charged to 100% once or twice and then just wouldn't charge anymore in the phone. When I placed them in the external Samsung charger they would charge.

    My original batteries still work today and I've run them down to 5% every time before charging them with no bad effects. I just don't use my Note 4 anymore.
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    07-22-2018 07:47 PM
  4. datum9's Avatar
    They haven't made OEM Note 4 batteries for years. Get an new aftermarket zeroLemon extended battery.

    OEM battery was junk even when it was new.
    07-23-2018 11:09 AM

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