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    Hi there. I recently have been dealing with problems with my Galaxy Note 4. It has been randomly shutting down when it still has battery life left. I noticed an area (top right hand corner which is near the SIM card) of my phone where it’s much hotter than the rest of the phone. I removed the SIM card to see if it has something to do with problems and sure enough, the phone works without randomly shutting down and the place where it gets hotter stops. When I placed back the SIM card, it almost immediately shut down and the battery was still full. Once again, I removed it and, sure enough, it stops randomly shutting down. Yet, when I put the SIM card into another phone it doesn’t affect the phone.
    04-08-2019 05:05 AM
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    Could be an issues with the SIM slot, and if so that would require a repair. I would try another SIM in the phone though just to be certain its the slot. Can you borrow a SIM from a family member or friend? OR maybe try your carrier?

    It might also be time to consider upgrading? I have seen lots of deals on the Note 9 lately.
    04-08-2019 08:14 AM

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