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    I was going to order one of the Fast Charging Wireless Pads, but soon realized that the only store that seems to carry it is Samsung itself. And even at Samsung it says - "Coming Soon" Even BestBuy is offering the Wireless Charging Pad with the purchase of a Note5 or Edge 6+, but it's not the "fast" charging pad.

    Fast Charge Wireless Charging Pad, Black Sapphire EP-PN920TBEGUS
    Fast Charge Wireless Charging Pad, White EP-PN920TWEGUS

    Be aware that the part numbers are different, and if it doesn't say "Fast Charge" on it- it's not the fast charging pad.
    This is the one that Best Buy is giving with the purchase- Samsung SMS EP-PG920IBUGUS

    Anybody know what the availability of the Fast Charging Pad is?
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    08-16-2015 08:13 AM
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    Also beware of the "Samsung" "Fast Charger" labeled wireless chargers on ebay and amazon. If they are from China, they are fake. I've bought them and checked them with an in line USB volt/amp meter. The real device charges at 9v 1.5a, the fakes run at 5v 1.4a, which is the same as the regular charger. They are also light weight because they don't have the fan inside. But for a cheap price they do work, but they are not "Fast Chargers". Also I have received fake "Genuine Samsung Adaptive Wall Chargers" with the lightning bolt legend on the side. Some only output 5v .5a. But most will do 5v 1.5a, but they won't switch up to fast charge at 9v 1.7a with a direct connection to a Galaxy Note 5. There's a lot of fake stuff out there, without a USB volt/amp meter, I don't know how most people would be able to tell the difference.

    One other thing, if you are using a USB cable for charging, you need a high quality cable that is designed for the task. If you use a cheap $2 cable, it won't switch up to 9v and fast charge. You need a quality USB cable made for charging with larger wires inside the cable. After much frustration with this whole thing and trying different cables with my USB volt/amp meter, I found and now use 'Anker' brand, bought mine from Amazon, they are great, and lengths up to 10' work great too with full power if you need a long one.

    Hope that helps someone.
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    01-04-2016 10:26 PM
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    I walked into B&h and picked one up. It was the cheapest place i found. Since then they seemed to increase their price. I paid 42 dollars with tax a few months ago. Now it's 53 but it's authentic. Not fake.


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    01-04-2016 11:14 PM
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    I just ordered this one for $23
    01-05-2016 12:48 PM
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    I ordered one from Samsung on 12-16 with my Samsung pay promotion credit and it won't be restocked until 1-17.So I'm sol until after then

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    01-05-2016 10:41 PM
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    Best buy has them

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    01-06-2016 03:03 PM

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