1. Alex_Hong's Avatar
    Let me start off with daylight shots.

    Macros are pretty great.

    Low light

    Full resolution images here
    08-17-2015 06:05 AM
  2. dsignori's Avatar
    Thanks. Looks good.
    08-17-2015 08:38 AM
  3. dpham00's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing. Nice shots

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4
    08-17-2015 09:43 AM
  4. D13H4RD2L1V3's Avatar
    Awesome shots! Looks just as good as my G4, and some look a bit better due to arguably slightly better processing.

    I take it you're based in Singapore? (The first picture was a dead giveaway as I always recognize those blue cabbies xD)

    (This topic should be pinned)
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    08-17-2015 10:27 AM
  5. Nadir G's Avatar
    Looks really nice! Also the night shots prove it's really a great cam!
    08-17-2015 10:46 AM
  6. rexbitz's Avatar
    Looking good. Nice shots too.
    08-17-2015 11:55 AM
  7. HOLLYWOODANT215's Avatar
    Looks good.. Reason I'm really buying

    Posted via the Android Central App
    08-17-2015 02:08 PM
  8. calicocat2010's Avatar
    Photos taken by the Note 5-no_flash.jpg

    Taken from my apartment with no flash.
    HUGE upgrade from the Note 3!

    (Okay, why are my images always showing upside down when uploading them? Anyone??)
    Attached Thumbnails Photos taken by the Note 5-download_20150817_223633.jpg  
    08-17-2015 10:57 PM
  9. tmp3150's Avatar
    I have a Note 2. I'm looking towards the upgrade.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    08-19-2015 10:11 PM
  10. SteveISU's Avatar
    Had to do a double take at the swastika's. lol
    08-19-2015 10:23 PM
  11. ebpman's Avatar
    Have you been able to take greyscale photos?
    08-19-2015 10:59 PM
  12. anon(27512)'s Avatar
    Didn't realize there was already a thread for this. Here's a pic I took today.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    Attached Thumbnails Photos taken by the Note 5-81.jpg  
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    08-19-2015 11:14 PM
  13. Katrina White1's Avatar
    These are really crisp! Are all the modes from N4 still there? Sound shot, burst mode, food mode, pic in pic, etc...any new ones?

    Posted via the Android Central App
    08-20-2015 07:20 AM
  14. Almeuit's Avatar
    Nice shots!

    I am sorry for slacking (I suck I know) -- I made a sticky thread. Everyone please start posting shots in there -- http://forums.androidcentral.com/sam...-pictures.html

    Alex_Hong likes this.
    08-20-2015 10:02 AM

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