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    The Verge - They gave it an 8.7 score...not bad!

    Samsung Galaxy Note 5 review | The Verge


    What they said about Battery:
    The other complaint about the Note 5 is the battery size: it's 3,000mAh, which is actually smaller than its predecessor (and, again, you can't swap it out in a pinch). I can allay some of those concerns — but not all. The Note 5 held up for over 8 hours in our looping website battery test, and in real-world usage, I managed a whole day without a problem. But two days — or even a day and a half — is tougher to promise.

    Samsung clearly has done some optimization to get the most out of the battery, but I can't let go of the idea that gigantic phones should have equally gigantic battery life (despite the fact that larger displays often suck up more battery life at same time). Sadly, that doesn't seem to be the norm across the industry right now. Samsung does try to make up for it with really impressive fast charging. It tops off ridiculously quickly off the right charger. It even charges faster than other devices on a wireless charger, which are usually quite slow
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    CNET - They gave it an 8.9, pretty good!

    Samsung Galaxy Note 5 review - CNET


    What they said about Battery:
    This is one of those times when numbers don't mean as much as you think. You lose a bit of battery capacity -- the Note 4's 3,200mAh removable ticker drops down to a 3,000mAh embedded battery -- but battery life blew us away in three looping video tests: 15 hours.

    The Note 4, left, may have a larger battery, but the Note 5's runs longer.

    A lot of things may have happened to explain the improvement. Samsung may have tightened up its software to make the phone more efficient when drawing power. The processor and greater RAM (4GB over the Note's 3GB) may have some effect as well. Just remember that battery life varies depending on how you use a device (streaming music and turn-by-turn navigation suck down your battery faster), and that it tends to degrade over time. Still, this is a very promising result.

    In addition to long life, the Note 5 incorporates two wireless charging standards (PMA and WPC, which the Qi standard falls into), and has two stages of power-saving modes that you can find in the settings, including the austere ultra-powersaving mode, which essentially turns your phone into a dumb phone in order to keep it live for emergencies.
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