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    If you had a Nexus 6 at any point, you may know what I'm talking about.

    My Note 5 screen isn't perfect. I noticed on the first setup screens that there was kind of a line, like a pressure line, in the center-rightish of the screen.

    That has seemed to fade as i've used it, but I've noticed that the shade/tinting of the screen isn't uniform. The left side of the screen seems to be brighter than the right hand side. It's more noticeable on dark backgrounds, such as the dark blue/grey of Falcon Pro.

    I went through 4 different Nexus 6's that all had this problem in one form or another. Kinda surprised to see it on a Samsung, since most people in the Nexus forums attributed it to Motorola using a cheaper AMOLED panel than Samsung does.

    Just an FYI for everyone, you may want to really take a good look at your phone before you leave the store with it. I already plan on returning this one once some 64gb's come in stock, so I'm ok with it for now.
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    08-22-2015 06:28 PM

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