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    So I am coming from an iPhone 6 plus where I got 2 days of battery. I have been trying to make the commitment to back to android for a while but when I tried the S6 the battery held me back. Now on the Note 5 I find the battery just acceptable enough to say I can tolerate it throughout the day. I wouldn't be mad if the only updates I were to get for the next year were battery and keyboard improvements. I just find some of the little things that made the iPhone great would just make buying an android device over a iPhone would be a no brainer. I don't get why all these years later I should have to worry about a battery lasting all day when all I do is social media and email. I think Google should just take a step back to improve the basics before they keep adding all these new features. For me that would almost guarantee a stay on the Android platform.

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    08-22-2015 07:37 PM
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    Marshmallow is supposed to improve standby battery life significantly, so let's hope!

    One of the main reasons iPhones have usually been better in terms of battery life is the fact that Apple has essentially one phone, so they can optimize the heck out of iOS. There are hundreds of Android devices, so Google can only optimize the OS so much. And a primary reason for iPhone's superior battery life is the standby time. If you compared the total screen-on time with that of the main Android flagships, it wouldn't be radically different.

    My old Droid Razr Maxx could last 2 days on a single charge, with light-to-moderate use. I used to think that was great, but after a while, I started to wonder what's the point, since it's easy enough to charge the phone every night--after all, it's not being used at all during those hours. Screen-on time is going to be more important for the heavy users, since that will dictate how often they have to recharge during the day.
    08-22-2015 09:36 PM

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