07-23-2016 12:17 AM
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  1. beh's Avatar
    Thank you, appreciate it.. But it seemed you had to unlock the phone before you could convert it to text, right? I would like to convert to text right on the same screen where I make offline memo without having to unlock the phone.

    Thanks again for making the video!

    Similarly, while you can make a purchase using Samsung Pay from the lock screen you can't go open the Samsung Pay app and make changes to settings, etc. This is a security feature I believe. If you could make changes from the locked lock screen the phone wouldn't be secure or locked.
    05-28-2016 11:19 AM
  2. Itzalia Ortega's Avatar
    For those of you that are unaware, there are numerous features that (I believe) came standard on S Note in earlier Galaxy Note phablets, that were left out of the Note5's S Note.

    However, you can download an update to S Note, and get these features added to your S Note app!

    These include:
    Shape recognition mode
    Magnified notes
    Handwriting transformation
    Locked notes
    ,,,,, and numerous other features!

    To update your S Note, go to your S Notes app, click on More, then More Features, and download the extension pack.

    So... have any of you updated your S Note? What feature, in particular, did you miss that pushed you to update?

    Just curious......
    07-23-2016 12:17 AM
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