1. AC Question's Avatar
    I have a kenwood excel ddx5902 in my Chevy Suburban. It works fine with HDML (via active MDL adaptor) with Samsung note 4. However, my mew Samsung note 5 does not connect with the html connection. I tried both active and passive mdl adaptors. With and without the Samsung adaptor (5 to 11 adaptor). Blue tooth works fine, just cannot get the HDMI (mdl) to connect. Thanks
    08-24-2015 11:54 AM
  2. anon8380037's Avatar
    Hello. Welcome to Android Central.

    Sadly, I read that the Note 5 does not support MHL. Go figure. They will probably say it is old tech, I don't know.
    08-24-2015 12:52 PM

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