1. mark1123's Avatar
    My new Note 5 is randomly putting calls on hold. As I bring the phone to my ear, the screen blacks out as it should. After a few seconds, I can't hear the caller on the other end. I look at my phone and the call has been put on hold. I have to hit 'resume call' to get back to the call. It happens every 20 seconds or so.

    Any ideas??

    08-25-2015 10:26 AM
  2. JASYNXXIII's Avatar
    In the settings, there's an option under Motion and Gestures to mute the phone by covering the screen. Have you toggled the setting to see if it changes the situation?
    08-26-2015 02:34 PM
  3. mark1123's Avatar
    Good idea. I turned it off. We'll see what happens.
    08-26-2015 10:16 PM
  4. vikram Seshasayee's Avatar
    I have the same problem can someone please help. Toggling that option off dosent help. It keeps going into a gray screen and I have to resume call
    09-29-2015 01:41 PM
  5. Carmen Pyper's Avatar
    My phone flips to hold when I dial a number or I use the hands-free option in my vehicle. It doesn't let me resume call.
    03-08-2016 11:19 PM

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