1. StevenJ_AK's Avatar
    I can't wait to put these cameras to the test! So far I love it more then my note 4 I had before the G4. Any specific photos anyone wants to see?
    08-26-2015 01:30 AM
  2. bhatech's Avatar
    I want to see cat photos !!!

    Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
    08-26-2015 01:50 AM
  3. MDMcAtee's Avatar
    Under water ones.... Oh crap I thought I was on the s6 Active forum... Lol

    Actually some nice sunsets or sunrises would be nice...


    Posted from my Galaxy Note 5
    08-26-2015 02:08 AM
  4. Bishop_99's Avatar
    A really low light picture of a colorful bottle with a lot of text on it would be a nice comparison. I know the G4 has a slightly lower aperture than the Note 5, which may give it an advantage in low light scenarios, but I'll be interested in actually seeing it.

    Congrats on your purchase!
    08-26-2015 07:15 AM

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