1. tktk88's Avatar
    Purchased 2 Note 5's love them I prefer to turn on WiFi manually don't use it a lot one of the Note 5's turns on WiFi at every startup the looking through the settings I can't find how to set it to where it will not turn on WiFI at startup. Any clues as to where to look?
    08-26-2015 06:52 AM
  2. ccpopham's Avatar
    The one that is turning the WiFi on at startup, when you power down the phone, is WiFi on or off when powering down? Most often the state that a phone is in when shut down is the state it will go to when powered on.

    I only power my phone down when it needs a reboot or when I need to clear the cache.

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    08-26-2015 07:00 AM
  3. tktk88's Avatar
    Thanks the WiFI is off on both phones keep it off to help reduce power consumption but turns its self on at startup the other phone is off and does not come on at startup
    08-26-2015 07:03 AM
  4. bkeaver's Avatar
    If my WiFi is off when I shut it off its off when phone turns on.

    If yours isn't staying off maybe try Tasker out and create a profile to turn it off. I use Tasker and actually only turn on my WiFi when I am close to certain cell towers and if I leave out of range of those towers it turns my WiFi off, but you could just leave it off all the time if that's what you wanted and say if not connected to certain access points then leave off or something like that..

    Idk just a suggestion

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    08-26-2015 07:16 AM
  5. tktk88's Avatar
    Thanks bk will look into that I am sure there's a simple setting that I am overlooking some where never had this issues with Note 4 S5 S4 or S3 go figure LOL
    08-26-2015 07:24 AM
  6. dpham00's Avatar
    Weird problem. I don't have it. Could it be some app doing it? I would try to do a factory data reset and don't install any apps and see if it still happens.

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    08-26-2015 09:03 AM
  7. tktk88's Avatar
    I figured it out finally the Note 5 that was turning Wi-Fi on at startup is my wife's her settings in the My T-Mobile account were set for Wi-Fi Manager to turn on at startup by default so turned it off thanks for the input guys
    08-26-2015 03:13 PM

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