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    Just a random post that I should probably "BLOG IT" but anyways on my 3rd Note 5 (Verizon 64gb black) and finally it's good.

    1st one had a tear in the oleophobic coating which I think is rare. I've never seen it on any smartphone I've owned before and I've owned almost every one Verizon has offered. It looks like an oil spot on your phone when the screen is off and when the screen is on its very reflective because your finger grease gathers there. I read online about bottles of the stuff you can buy and try to apply yourself but it won't be the same as them doing it from the factory (wears off fairly quickly).

    2nd one was weird and way more distracting. Left side of the screen was perfect but the right side had a dark pinkish hue. Was terrible looking at any white screens like in Gmail or a Web page. I've also never had a Samsung screen with crazy color temp differences. I was super bummed because I just paid $859 after tax to keep Verizon unlimited and if I'm gonna stare at it every day longer than my TV (and spent more on it than my TV) well gosh darnit I'm gonna get a good screen (forget perfect).

    Best buy was super nice and did both exchanges and I did a quick screen test in the store on this last one because if it wasn't good I was just going to return it and use a droid mini until the next Droid turbo or just wait for something else.

    Just wanted to share the issues that I had and that I got a good screen on the 3rd try. Also, I've only exchanged one other phone in my life and that was a Motorola for a bunch of dead pixels.
    08-27-2015 07:23 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    I've learned that with Best Buy, it's best to test anything before leaving the store, unless they're around the corner from your house.
    08-28-2015 12:05 AM

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