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    With my s6, my network drops from 4g to 1x when I make calls. Does the Note 5 on Verizon do that, also? On the fence and trying to cover all bases here. And does dropping to 1x really affect call quality? I haven't had any complaints, but maybe I am in the dark?

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    08-28-2015 08:36 PM
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    Which network do you currently have? Verizon?

    Unless you have a carrier that has VoLTE (Voice over LTE) then 4G LTE is only used by the phone for data. If you make a call, the cell radio will drop to 3G, because that's the network used for voice. In your case, it may be that you don't have a good 3G signal when you make a call (despite having a good LTE signal), so it's dropping down to 2G (which is what 1X is). You don't really need a superfast network to give decent call quality, so I wouldn't expect it to be bad on 1X--unless the signal is really borderline, and the phone keeps trying to switch between networks.

    The Note 5 on Verizon wouldn't do this if you're in an area with their VoLTE (which they call "Advanced Calling")--it would be able to stay on LTE for both calling and data.
    08-29-2015 02:13 AM
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    You need to enable advanced calling (HD voice) on your phone and also have it provisioned in your account (no cost). Recent phones no longer have dual radios to allow voice and data at the same time *unless* you're using HD Voice. It's just the direction things are moving. Supposedly Verizon has HD Voice rolled out "nationwide" but one drawback to their implementation is that if you start a call with HD voice and travel into a non 4G area, your call will drop.

    I haven't made an HD voice call yet but I am looking forward to eventual interoperability between VZW and ATT...they said 2015 which is probably not realistic, but supposedly they are working on it.

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    08-29-2015 02:54 AM
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    1X speeds run (real world) 80–100kbps. A voice channel needs 48kbps, so 1X is more than enough for a phone call. (It's like driving a Porsche on loose sand - a VW Beetle will get the same speed.)

    Unless you can do simultaneous voice and data (some carriers do, some still don't), having a channel "only" twice as wide as you need isn't a limit you need to be concerned about.
    08-29-2015 11:56 PM

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