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    I am enjoying the new Note 5 a lot! I was mostly concerned about the higher density screen and reading the AC review that Note 3 & 4 users might have a problem with some items appearing smaller due to fitting more in on the screen. I have changed the font size but as someone answered before I purchased, it doesn't increase the size everywhere in the OS. This is true but not a deal breaker at all.

    Some areas I find harder to read/see are.......
    the A to Z right column in the Contacts. They are so tiny and the text is so light I can hardly see the letters. My increase of font size does affect the list of Contact names but once I select one their info is small and not affected by my font size.

    The calendar text is pretty small, thin and light but that doesn't really matter since I've been using the Google Calendar app for a long time and LOVE it compared to the stock calendar. It is visually interesting and text is large, dark and easy to see/read.

    The phone keypad..... number size is ok but if I ever needed to dial by a word, I'd need glasses to read the letters underneath. They are pretty small. Luckily I don't need to do that much.

    The screen on my Note 3 didn't get as many fingerprints which surprises me. It always looked pretty clean, unlike the Note 5. It shows a LOT more smudges. I thought it would be just as good or better given the special coating. (I never use screen protectors)

    I've done most all the things I have read to improve battery life and still researching all the suggestions to improve that.

    Overall I am happy with the upgrade!! The Note 4 wasn't much of a difference to me and I'm glad I waited. I'm looking forward to using the camera on vacation. The few test photos have been great. I did like the "touch anywhere" to take a photo on my Note 3 and this option doesn't seem to be in the settings anymore. I think because it has a feature where you press on the screen to choose the focal point and it blurs everything behind it.
    08-29-2015 09:45 AM

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