1. atomicpower's Avatar
    I don't know if I just noticed today or it stopped working, but is there not supposed to be a sound when air command is opened? I think on the note 3, there was some sort of "clikkity clack" or "card shuffling" type sound when air command was opened. I don't really care about the sound.....I'm more concerned cuz my phone fell out of my pocket when I was getting up from the couch and hit the tile floor....just making sure everything is ok. Would someone mind opening up air command and letting me know if there is supposed to be a sound or not? Thanks.
    09-01-2015 10:23 PM
  2. Glock23-G4's Avatar
    There's a sound when removing the pen, but not when independently opening air command.
    09-01-2015 10:35 PM
  3. atomicpower's Avatar
    09-01-2015 11:16 PM

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