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    I had the note 4 for over a year, I have a pretty routine schedule with my commute and office space, when I upgraded to the note 5, I noticed things like Spotify weren't streaming as fast, apps in the app store weren't downloading as fast, Web pages weren't loading as quickly, I've went in and all they did was Change the Sim out (didn't work) anyone else having similar issues ?
    09-04-2015 09:14 AM
  2. bkeaver's Avatar
    Mine is definitely not slower than my note 4

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    09-04-2015 10:27 AM
  3. unknownuser02's Avatar
    Sounds like a connectivity issue. Do you have a case on your N5? I've been reading about some of the N5 cases drastically affecting reception.

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    09-04-2015 10:32 AM
  4. Uncle Eliot's Avatar
    That is definitely NOT the case with me. The Note 5 streams all my stuff very smoothly.
    09-04-2015 10:36 AM

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