1. peterburns's Avatar
    I have the N9200 (dual SIM) in the states, using on Cricket. I haven't seen much posted on here about the dual sim model, so figured I would start a thread, and see if anyone else is using here.
    I bought my titanium 32GB on ebay - wasn't sure which model# to get, but was curious about the dual SIM feature in the 9200. I do have 2 lines, so it's great to be able to use them in the same phone. My 4G is working great, but have had issues sending photos over text. I tried Textra but that didn't fix it ..
    (I have an international Note 4 as well - and had issues with photos over text, but tried on Textra, and it worked.)

    I can make and receive calls/texts to both numbers. For calling and texting - it gives you choice of what SIM to send from.
    Attached Thumbnails Note 5 SM9200 Dual SIM - Using in the US-20558403783_c1cbee7bfb_z.jpg   Note 5 SM9200 Dual SIM - Using in the US-20991361050_8b2bf0745a_z.jpg   Note 5 SM9200 Dual SIM - Using in the US-21153240276_46a7fe4eda_z.jpg  
    09-05-2015 11:56 PM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    I can't answer the question, but it must be cool to have choices. Do you have to set a particular number as default?
    09-06-2015 12:07 AM
  3. peterburns's Avatar
    Yes, it is really cool. I have it set to SIM 1, but it can be changed any time in the SIM card manager.
    09-06-2015 12:16 AM
  4. frenzy757's Avatar
    Does Samsung pay work in the USA with this version?
    10-20-2015 03:45 AM
  5. deveinn's Avatar
    It's great .. I'm planning to buy one from eBay, but all of the dual sim Notes are from Taiwan .. so I was reluctant to buy it fearing I might get a clone or fake dual Note 5 .. is yours from Taiwan?

    Posted via Samsung Galaxy Note 4
    10-25-2015 06:24 PM
  6. frenzy757's Avatar
    Does Samsung pay work in the USA with this version?
    If not anyone have an idea when it would be launched?
    10-28-2015 01:27 AM
  7. TripleOne's Avatar
    The dual sims Note 5 are made to be sold in Asia. Taiwan shouldn't be a problem. Do make sure it's a legit seller.
    10-28-2015 02:52 AM

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