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    As also pointed out by Mario in his XDA review of the Note 5, scrolling through lists in apps leaves a lot to be desired for. The general fluidity of the UI as well is not up to scratch compared to best out there.

    NOTE: Share your screencaps as well! Would be interesting to see other peoples performance (without root or build.prop changes)

    I guess the reason why there aren't more people posting about this is that it's somewhat a subjective thing. Depending on what device you are coming from, the Note 5 might seem buttery smooth. But that is simply not true. I have a OnePlus One updated to the latest CyanogenOS version and it simply a lot smoother. This can easily be shown by using the Profile GPU rendering setting in the developer options and performing the same action on both phones.

    (all done after fresh reboot and all other apps closed, same WiFi and logins).

    1. Scrolling through Youtube list (finger remains on screen)
      OnePlus One - Note 5
    2. Scrolling through Youtube Home list (finger flick)
      OnePlus One - Note 5
    3. Scrolling through Facebook newsfeed (finger flick)
      OnePlus One - Note 5
    4. Settings list (flick)
      OnePlus One - Note

    For those that don't know, the horizontal line is the threshold for smooth scrolling (60fps). Anything crossing the treshold can be noticed as jerky behaviour or stuttering. The high outliers are really very noticeable.

    Almost without fault is the scrolling on the OP1 of higher frame rate than the Note 5. The Note is almost always flirting with the threshold and the real dropouts are also more pronounced.
    09-07-2015 08:46 AM
  2. Willyman's Avatar
    Would be great if other members of the forum could post their screencaps as well! (non-root or build.prop mods though)

    Over at XDA someone hinted that maybe there is an issue with my device specifically...

    Would appreciate it!
    09-08-2015 03:32 AM

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