08-16-2016 09:35 PM
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  1. FreeisBetter's Avatar
    I've had it. Just took my Note 5 back to the store yesterday and got a free basic Samsung smartphone, Core Prime. I need to use my phone for business, and the dropped calls were ridiculous. I live in Denver, a major metropolitan area, and have Verizon, so the problem is not the carrier from what I can see. I am not paying that much money for a phone I can't use as a phone. I can use my tablet for everything else the Note can do, so I'm back to the free phones.
    06-04-2016 10:22 AM
  2. wdfrancis58's Avatar
    I don't think it's just AT&T phones. I'm on Sprint. I'm on my 4th phone and about to take this one back. All 4 phones had connection issues. My husband, who has a note 5 also, on Sprint, doesn't have these issues. He gets all of his text messages and his calls while I don't get all of them.

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    06-05-2016 12:45 PM
  3. IndianapolisIN's Avatar
    I have an AT&T Galaxy Note 5, I loved all my Samsung phones. Always great phones. I have been having huge problems with this phone note5, after a few months. The rest of my family uses Iphone, they have no issues with service, always have 3,4+ bars for service. I can barely get 1 bar most of the time there are no bars.

    I get dropped phone calls and horrible data service now. Even when I was on the phone with ATT they had to call me back beciase my phone dropped, I could hear them but they said I was gargled or couldn't hear me. This is happening more and more and as much as I had to pay for this phone, I want it resolved ASAP.
    I went into the store yesterday and spent over an hour with a technician, working on my phone. He switched out my SIM card, nothing changed, it still stinks.
    ATT is sending me to a ATT device support store to see if they can fix it.

    I really hope this works, we pay too much for phones and service to get this kind of run around from ATT.
    06-29-2016 06:54 PM
  4. wdfrancis58's Avatar
    I took my phone into sprint. The tech there said they had a lot of people bringing their phones into the store complaining about lousy reception when it had been really good before. Said sprint is aware of it.

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    07-04-2016 07:47 PM
  5. Soylent_Green's Avatar
    I took my phone into sprint. The tech there said they had a lot of people bringing their phones into the store complaining about lousy reception when it had been really good before. Said sprint us aware of it.

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    I was talking to the CEO line people, they said they're unaware of any issues with the Note 5. But after two weeks I got them or replace my phone which I will have tomorrow and I'll be able to see if it is a hardware problem or not.
    07-04-2016 11:17 PM
  6. wdfrancis58's Avatar
    I'm on my 4th phone since January. I keep going in with it, they replace it, and it just happens again. I'm just really tired of this. My husband has the same problem.

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    07-05-2016 12:44 AM
  7. Soylent_Green's Avatar
    No change with the replacement, just another dud...
    07-05-2016 05:33 PM
  8. Dianna Byrd Bryant's Avatar
    My AT&T is the same way. I have a tablet sitting right beside my note 5 and the tablet has 5 bars my note as 1 at the most. Horrible I have replaced SIM card and done everything with no luck. Any suggestions appreciated
    08-06-2016 05:49 PM
  9. Dianna Byrd Bryant's Avatar
    Did you get any help.
    08-06-2016 05:51 PM
  10. wdfrancis58's Avatar
    Mine is still acting up. It's not as bad, but still terrible. I keep the cache cleaned, and restart it a couple times a day. The last security update helped some. It got a little better after it. I restarted the phone after it updated.

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    08-06-2016 05:55 PM
  11. Burke Hughes1's Avatar
    So I received a message from AT&T this morning to call them. I called the number and as soon as the technician answered I told her I was calling from my phone and the call may drop. So we went through the usual sim card, master reset, etc. and about 4 min into call it dropped. She called me back and I now have a new phone on the way. I paid for expedited shipping so hopefully my problem will be resolved by Wednesday.

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    I bought my SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 5 (GOLD) SM-N920A in February 2016. I have had EXACTLY the same reception issues as "rgriffin25". AT&T first sent me a repeater, for "in house" improved signal strength...however, the repeater interfered with my wifi router signal, hence I was forced to disconnect the repeater box. I have placed NUMEROUS calls to AT&T tech support & customer service. I've done the factory data reset several times, they reprovisioned my SIM card (which wiped out ALL my pictures & music, including all my customized settings), yet I still have the problem. I to now have a warrantee replacement NOTE 5 on its way from Samsung in 3 to 5 days ground. I have serious reservations that this will remedy the reception issues. After reading this thread and comparing the problems I have experienced with my NOTE 5, I highly doubt a new phone will fix the problem. I am now convinced this is an engineering flaw in the hardware...unless Samsung can find a software patch to fix this defective device, we may have to simple get an early upgrade, to the newer NOTE 7.
    08-16-2016 09:35 PM
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