1. DieselAddiction's Avatar
    does anyone know what/when any new Verizon promotions will be? I went to the store to get the $200 trade in ANY smartphone deal and the employees had no clue and were more interested in playing games on their tablet than trying to help me.
    Does anyone know someone that could tell me if I should keep trying to get the deal elsewhere or wait because some better deals are on the way?
    09-29-2015 04:47 PM
  2. dpham00's Avatar
    Don't think it would get lower than $233 no service contract that I posted about earlier today for some time

    Sent from my Verizon iPhone 6s Plus
    09-29-2015 05:36 PM
  3. DieselAddiction's Avatar
    It took me a while because I kept getting kicked out but I ordered the 64gb for a total of $392 after my trade in.
    I was on the phone with Verizon for a long time straightening everything out. the first time I got the $200 trade in to show up on the review chart but after I was kicked out the first time it would never show up again. Luckily I took a picture of it and the one customer rep made a note in my acct that soon as I get my phone to take my trade in to a store and they will give me the $200. Its an old tracphone. So I shouldn't have any problems with doing it, I hope Thanks for your pics and info. Now off to Samsung to figure out how to have them make the payments for the rest of this year. And hopefully Samsung pay will be allowed soon to also be able to get a free charger.
    I really wanted a white phone but too hard to pass up a deal like this
    09-29-2015 11:10 PM

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