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    I have spent the last two days looking up the web for an answer and I have practically exhausted all possible solutions shared and proven to have worked for so many. I'm using Gmail App on the Note 5 and Auto Fill keeps suggesting deleted email addresses. The offending e-mail does not appear in desktop Gmail Auto Complete but stubbornly does so in the mobile app. Clear Data and Cache didn't do anything. Those deleted e-mail addresses do not appear in other apps so tips to look at the keyboard settings do not work either (there's also no Personal Dictionary in Lollipop).

    Does someone know where these ghost e-mails may be stored?
    10-04-2015 07:35 PM
  2. Glock23-G4's Avatar
    I had the same problem...

    Go through all your contacts and check for multiple / merged contacts. I had several that were stored as a phone contact, google contact, facebook contact, etc... they'd been synced and merged over time...

    I went through each and every contact and saved each as only a google contact... much cleaner, and now all old obselete data is gone.
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    10-04-2015 10:00 PM
  3. JanShim's Avatar
    Here's an actual example of what's happening. I try to compose an email to myself and as soon as I enter Jan, I'm presented with a list of similarly spelt names. Is this the Auto Fill or is it called something else that I've been looking in the wrong places the whole time? "Jane_Ooi" is the one I want removed and the entry cannot be found anywhere that I've looked.

    How do you remove deleted email from Gmail App Auto Fill?-unnamed.jpg
    10-06-2015 12:23 AM

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