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    This thread is for those to be aware of fake ones out there.

    So I bought the fast wireless charger off eBay, shipped from China, for under $20. I already had an idea that it's most likely a fake, but I had some eBay bucks to spend.

    So pretty much everything is different from the real and fake one, except the overall dimension is the same. The fake is much lighter, almost half the weight difference. The micro USB port is on the opposite side, no fan inside, the touch of the material is different as well. The "Samsung" and "fast charge" words are darker and bigger too, but you probably won't be able to tell unless you have the real one next to it.

    Conclusion, if the price is too good to be true then it probably is. I've seen some around $12 on eBay, using stock pictures, don't waste your time and money, although eBay would most likely refund you if the stuff is fake.

    This fake charger works, but at the regular speed, and I'll probably put it aside to avoid the risk of damaging the phone and or battery.

    Pics below, left one is real.
    Fake and real wireless fast charger, beware!-uploadfromtaptalk1444791108246.jpg
    Fake and real wireless fast charger, beware!-uploadfromtaptalk1444791127451.jpg
    Fake and real wireless fast charger, beware!-uploadfromtaptalk1444791175437.jpg

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