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    Hello, today I had an issue where my phone was almost dying so I out it in Ultra Power Saving mode. When I took it out and charged it up, I noticed that my screen. Was still super dim and the bottom buttons wouldn't light up. I usually keep my power saving set to turn on at 20%, which is why I was surprised. I tried restarting the phone, turning power saving off and on, putting it back into UPSM and back out, and clearing the cache partition. I was really upset because it was looking like a factory reset was in my future and i had just did one. Then I went into power saving settings, and set it to immediately from 20% and I see the pop up saying my phone was in power saving, and then when I checked it off *BAM my phone went back to normal. Hopefully this fix helps if anyone else experiences this issue.

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    10-14-2015 12:47 AM

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