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    I think I have found a reason to run back to the iPhone. This is my last ditch effort to keep from having complete buyer's remorse over my Note 5 - which I have loved since day 1.

    My Outlook contacts between my laptop, Outlook.com, and the Note 5 have gone bonkers.

    I have a 365 paid subscription to Outlook on my laptop. I consider my laptop to be "source of record." I sync my Outlook through Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

    here is what happens.

    -Contacts are deleted for no reason
    -duplications in Outlook 2013
    -contacts in laptop Outlook 2013 do not appear in Outlook Android app
    -contacts in laptop Outlook 2013 do not appear in Outlook.com
    -contacts from other apps, such as WhatsApp appear in Android contacts even though I have it set to not sync

    I'm going bonkers over here just trying to organize and maintain my contacts list. I never had this problem with the iPhone.

    Here is how my system is set up.
    - I use the default android mail program for my gmail account only. I do not use gmail except for marketing type emails. I do not maintain a contact list in gmail.
    - I use the Outlook app for my personal email with friends and family. I prefer the Outlook interface for email over the Android interface.
    - I use OWA (outlook for business) for work email. No company contacts are synced. There are no issues with this app.
    - I use the Android contacts list to display my Outlook contacts. One reason has to do with bluetooth to my car. This is the contact list that is synced. I also prefer the interface to the People section in the Outlook app.
    - I use Outlook.com when I am at my work desktop to access personal email and contacts
    - I use Outlook 2013 on my laptop for email, contacts, tasks, etc.

    I'm about ready to delete Outlook from my Android and start over but I'm not sure I won't have the same issues. When I go into Settings (at the Contact App ) I have several accounts (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn) that all want to sync with contacts, including Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, OWA, Office, Outlook.
    Is anyone using Outlook and Outlook.com and syncing contacts between the two to the Samsung Note 5?
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    10-14-2015 08:05 PM
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    I feel your frustration. I too am confused about how to get my contacts synced across devices.
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    10-16-2015 12:58 AM

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