1. jlmalone's Avatar
    What are yours? Never used one before, just wondering what all I can do with it...TIA!

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    10-17-2015 09:27 AM
  2. eclectic11's Avatar
    here are two videos.

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    10-17-2015 09:42 AM
  3. Tumultus's Avatar
    Using mine for quick notes which I pinned to one of the start screens or when I have to write something down while in a conversation or no paper is available. Additionally, I am using it as a mouse when I do screen mirroring and for some drawing to explain things to people. That's as much as I do but there is surely a lot more that can be done with it.
    10-17-2015 09:44 AM
  4. Jason Carter3's Avatar
    I'm sure most of you know this but, activating developer options in settings, turning animation from its current settings to zero, really speeds up your phone. Opening apps and other things is faster then the speed of light....to those who don't know how this is done. Click on settings, go down to about phone, click on "build number" 7 times. This will open developer options. Back out of "About phone" and go into "developer options" and scroll down to Animation scale. I wouldn't recommend changing/adjusting anything else in this hidden feature unless you know what your doing. It's hidden because only advanced note users can access it.

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    10-26-2015 09:59 AM

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