1. victoryrules8's Avatar
    Has anyone used chomp sms? How does it compare to textra and what are some things liked and disliked about the app? I'm a longtime textra user but chomp looks Interesting as well

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    10-25-2015 06:24 AM
  2. AllisonR's Avatar
    I love Chomp SMS. Sometimes I stray but I always wind up coming back to it. The thing that keeps me coming back is the ability to customize notifications per contact. I don't want to be notified of Twitter messages because I get too many of them but I do want to be notified of everyone else.
    10-25-2015 11:46 AM
  3. jmy7213's Avatar
    I use chomp all the time. I love the dark theme it has. It has the ability for me to include my signature that samsung took away. It has alot more options for attachments. It works so much more flawless than textra or any of the other text apps. Its the fullest feature text app I can find . I absolutely love chomp SMS.
    10-26-2015 01:50 PM
  4. Nyvideo's Avatar
    I've used Chomp for a long time and really like it. Lately I keep trying out textra since it has a few features I like better. The biggest textra feature is their pop-up notifications is a her across the top which i can ignore or just tap on to see the message. I like that better than the box from chomp which pops up in the screen center.
    10-26-2015 07:56 PM
  5. prolongExistence's Avatar
    I used to use ChompSMS for a long time but then I discovered Textra. Which, btw, are both from the same developer. The main reason I switched was because I felt that ChompSMS was a little bloated. I don't remember exactly what I didn't like other than that extra chat service or whatever it is that they added. I saw that Textra was from the same developer & I knew that they produced a reliable app so I decided to give it a try. I never really thought about it but @Nyvideo is right, Textra's notification pop-up is less intrusive than ChompSMS.
    10-27-2015 01:15 AM

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