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    Spent hours on Verizon tech support over this issue of the Note 5 entering the Boot Maintenance screen unprompted. The Verizon techs had me jump through hoops of hard resets, cache dumps, etc., etc. to no avail. They sent me a second replacement phone, which netted the same issue. Had to call again as the issue returned soon after. Was losing my mind over this. Finally after spending hours again with VZW and searching online forums, I called Samsung. Some kid in their tech support suggested that I remove the phone from its case (Seidio Dilex Pro) lo and behold, that was the problem. Either the case compressed the power and volume buttons just enough to trigger the boot screen, or the kickstand magnet triggered it. Either way, the case was the culprit. I contacted Seidio and of course, it was outside of the 14 day return period. Now , I am stuck with a $40 case and holster. Anyway, I'm ordering Seidio Surface case and holster combo, as I love their cases in spite of this issue.
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    11-10-2015 06:02 AM
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    Wow, that's weird, I used a Seidio Surface case on my last phone, HTC One M8, and liked it alot. When I switched to my Note 5, I tried the Spigen Neo Hybrid case and like it even better. Only thing I miss is the kickstand though. Glad it was an easy fix.
    11-10-2015 06:35 AM

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