1. cindy_hen's Avatar
    Why do I not have the Smart Network Switch Feature under Wifi Settings on my Galaxy Note 5? I am trying to conserve data usage and all info found says to turn this feature off. Following the instructions to do so, I do not see that feature under the wifi settings.
    11-19-2015 11:55 AM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    If it's not under your WiFi Settings (More Button) or under the Advanced WiFi Settings, then your carrier might have chosen to disable this feature.

    It's there in the International version and I can confirm it's there on the latest update for T-Mobile's.

    When you say you want to 'conserve data', is your phone using mobile data when connected to WiFi? Remember that MMS (unless you're using WiFi Calling) use mobile data regardless, so that's why you might see the data indicator come to life when on WiFi if you're sending/receiving Multimedia messages/Group messages.

    Also make sure that you don't have any kind of 'Download Booster' (under MORE CONNECTION SETTINGS) option active since this would combine WiFi and mobile data for large downloads.
    11-19-2015 12:22 PM
  3. Glock23-G4's Avatar
    On mine (AT&T), on the wifi screen, selecting "more" at the top gives 3 choices.

    1. Smart Network Switch
    2. Advanced
    3. Help
    11-19-2015 02:02 PM
  4. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Yup, same as the T-Mo version and the International one.
    11-19-2015 02:09 PM
  5. prston's Avatar
    I have 3 Samsung Notes..all have KitKat 4.4.2...but only 1 has the excellent Smart Network Switch (which automatically switches between 2.4 ghz band and 5 ghz depending on which band has the strongest WiFi signal from my dual-band router).

    Here are the Samsung Notes that have and have not:
    1. ATT Note 2 = YES
    2. ATT Note 3 = NO
    3. stock Samsung Note 10.1 ed. 2014 (WiFi only) = NO

    As to why the Note 3 and Note tablet don't have Smart Network Switch, I don't know...but it sure annoys me that they don't have it. Inside the house the 5 ghz band has the best signal for streaming video. On my back porch, 2.4 ghz has the best signal strength. It is nice that the OLD Note 2 automatically switches to the best band. A pain to manually switch between the bands on the other NEWER two.

    I guess it is another asinine Samsung joke on consumers as to why some Notes have and others have not.
    01-11-2016 09:00 PM
  6. Jamez Avila's Avatar
    I'm on AT&T and my Note 5 does have that Smart Switch option when I click on "more" in the WiFi settings menu.

    Posted from my Galaxy Note 5
    01-11-2016 11:10 PM
  7. Jamez Avila's Avatar
    Here's the sc

    Posted from my Galaxy Note 5
    Attached Thumbnails Why don't I have the Smart Network Switch?-7862.jpg  
    01-11-2016 11:11 PM
  8. guammax's Avatar
    According to Google Pixel level 1 support ( in clear english, directly from Manila)...

    The "Smart Network Switch" has been removed. (I assume via the 7.1 update when I turned on my phone for the first time.)

    I'm running Build #: NDE63L on a phone purchased directly from Google.

    I have an issue installing the August Connect using the Pixel XL. The August CS was just notified late Monday (Halloween) night. They were quick to correct a similar issue with the Nexus 6 in a couple of days.
    10-31-2016 11:08 PM
  9. dbareis's Avatar
    I don't think "Smart Network Switch" exists any more but there is a developer option called "'Aggressive WI-FI to Mobile handover".
    12-12-2016 02:23 AM

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