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    First off, full disclosure, Poetic sent me this case to review on the forums. I've used their cases on my devices before, so I was anxious to give the Affinity series a try. Here is a link to the case on Amazon

    I was sent the clear version of the case, which is definitely the one I would have preferred. I generally tend to use my devices without a case, but I do use cases from time to time in certain situations (for example at the gym or outdoor activities). One of my favorite things about the Note 5 is its slim profile, so I was glad to see that the Affinity series case did not add much bulk to my device. I was able to still hold my device in one hand and use it as I normally would without a case. In fact, the case added a bit of much needed grip while holding the phone, which was definitely welcome given how slippery the Note 5 can be. While I did not perform any drop tests with the case, I am pretty confident in the protection that the Affinity series provides. It would most certainly protect the device against falls from short heights, but of course doesn't provide protection for the screen (that requires an additional screen protector of some sort).

    Additionally, the cutouts for the ports on the Note 5 lined up perfectly, and I didn't have any issues with speaker quality or other functions of the phone while using the case. All in all, I believe this is a very viable option for someone seeking to add protection to their Note 5 without sacrificing the slim profile and good "in-hand fee" that the device offers. I would definitely recommend it!
    11-20-2015 11:30 AM

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