1. dieselhazza's Avatar
    Hi guys how would you rate the battery life of the note 5? Considering it has a 5.7 inch screen and a non removeable battery. I can see the battery being non removeable causing trouble for most users. The only solution for someone who does not have access to a power point to charge the phone would be to purchase a powerbank. I would appreciate it if you guys can reflect on battery life with screen size and brightness. How is it under heavy usage?
    11-25-2015 01:07 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    1. If you run the battery down to less than 40% regularly, you're going to kill it fast. With any lithium battery. They don't last if you deep discharge them.

    2. Good power banks are cheap - the Coocheer 7,500mAh bank is $21 (and built like a tank). Even though my phone has a removable battery, I throw a power bank into my pocket if the battery is low, or if I think I'm going to need a recharge. (I also have a charger in my pocket, but I may bot be near a wall outlet when I need the recharge.)
    11-25-2015 01:25 AM
  3. dkunzman's Avatar
    Couple of help points ...
    Kill the apps/functions you don't need like carrier apps. Install a monitor (I use Gsam Pro) to watch for battery eaters.
    With that and moderate use, I average 1+ days per charge.
    Works well.
    11-25-2015 02:03 AM

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