1. cwespalmore's Avatar
    Please help before I smash this Note 5/blow up a Samsung store.

    I paid 850 for this Sprint Note 5 from Best Buy just over a month ago. The phone is not rooted/jailbroken, has not been dropped or had water damage.

    Today i was using the phone and everything was fine. Went to check it and the phone was off. I turned it back on by pressing the power button and it got stuck on the samsung note 5 screen. Pressed power snd volume down, it restarted but never came back on. For the whole day the screen has been off and the front led light has stayed solid blue. Ive tried pressing volume down; tried power; tried power and volume down; tried power and volume up; tried power home volume down, and up. Tried these for 10 seconds up to 5 minutes. Tried it plugged in or not. Tried different chargers. Tried hooking it to computer. Nothing.

    I called Samsung and they told me my 2 options are, no bs, drive 9 hours to Atlanta to have it fixed, or send my phone out for two weeks. I bought this expensive phone for work, have only had it a month, now this. Ughhhh can anyone lend some advice. Thank you.

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    11-26-2015 11:27 PM
  2. KumateiDragon1's Avatar
    Not being smart-alecky, but I'd probably follow their instructions. Seeing as how they didn't have a solution for you to keep your existing phone, it sounds like there's a deeper issue with the hardware or software best resolved by professionals. It wouldn't be wise to perform some sort of self-repair and risk damaging the phone beyond their abilities.

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    11-26-2015 11:31 PM
  3. kj11's Avatar
    If it's only been a month perhaps you can return it to best buy?
    11-27-2015 03:27 AM

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