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    My brother bought a new note 5. Comes to my house and tells me how he has a problem with fast charging and read online it's the wire so he ordered a new wire... he see my wireless charger and puts he's phone on it. This is the promotion wireless slow charger. About 10 mins later I noticed the charger blinking blue. So I take his phone of the charger and put it back down and it starting charging again. Two minutes later blinking again. I take his phone of the wireless charger and put my phone down on it.
    Since I have a fast wireless charger too I put his phone on the other one and it's starts charging. I go back to check on my phone and it's charging 35 mins no problem. I check the fast wireless charger with his phone on it and it stopped charging fast but it's still charging with the light blinking. Weird ....
    So I started experimenting. I decided to put my moto 360 watch on the my wireless slow charger and it charged for about 20 mins and blinking blue light.
    I then put my phone to charge from 29% to a 100% without problems it did.
    I'm thinking this is a phone problem. since my phone works flawless with both chargers without even a hiccup.

    We then decided to try his wire and charger and to no surprise it works with fast charging on my phone. I unplugged it and plugged it in over 30 times.

    Now he exchanged his phone and the wire charging issue is gone but still doesn't work on my charger for more than a few mins. This has to be a phone problem since it works when charging my phone right?

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    11-28-2015 06:17 PM

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