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    hi my name is Robyn and I have had smartphones for quite a while and I am NOT an expert on them nor am I an expert on a computer I basically just get by but I have had around 20 phones and over that amount of time and phones I have never once was able to custom put a ringtone on my phone
    I would ask my daughters myself I would go to quite a lot of sites and they would tell you step-by-step all with different phones they use different wording, it would through me off. Today I am trying again and the sight says download in the menu column, and there is know download button there..
    I am here now the last hour and a half going crazy with an app that you would swear I would have it done in minutes through with it within 5 minutes!!!

    So like I said I am just not savvy at all with my phone, I want to be, I am on ytube all the time. I also had to factory reset my phone already three times already in a few days because my cord wasn't charging and that was the 2ND one so I have a feeling that this phone is going to go back and I really hate spending a lot of time on setting it all up
    I figured well its going back and I got to start again from scratch so ..... if you have any input of how I can save time with a a new note 5 please let me know and I do have so many more questions but its not on this post, if you can help me with step by step I would appreciate it thank you all have a great day Robin
    11-29-2015 09:40 AM

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