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    So I download and install android pay on my brand new Samsung Note 5. (I'm only slightly "tech savvy", and don't always need the newest gadget, but I do enjoy them when I can. Upgraded from a Casio G'Zone that I have had for 3 years.) I link my primary bank card from Wells fargo to it, with no other cards added to the account. I use it the first time, and the pay terminal tells me to only use one card at a time. I use the actual card to finish the payment, come home, and uninstall, then reinstall Android pay. I try again, and pay terminal at the store tells me the same thing. My friend told me his works fine at the same store. The only difference he and I can discern between his phone, my phone, his card, my card, and the payment terminal at the store is he has a BofA bank account, and I have a Wells Fargo bank account. Any thoughts, or suggestions would be wonderfully appreciated. Thank you so much.
    11-29-2015 06:09 PM
  2. AlphaTango414's Avatar
    First and foremost welcome to AC!

    I would suggest to Contact Google and discuss this with them.
    11-29-2015 06:21 PM
  3. hallux's Avatar
    Is it possible the terminal is picking up both Samsung Pay and Android Pay?
    11-29-2015 06:56 PM
  4. ChiefJaguar's Avatar
    Same thing happened to me the first time but then my phone asked for unlock code again and it went through. Wells Fargo card too.

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    11-29-2015 07:14 PM

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