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    So my gf just upgraded from Note 4 to Note 5, and she's finding that just in the stock texting app, things tend to lag. It can be loading a thread, or once a thread is open, getting the keyboard to come up, or once the keyboard is up, the time between tapping letters and them appearing. Mainly it's threads loading...

    Now a few more points:
    1) it automatically restored all her texts from the Note 4... Likes 1000s of texts. She may try clearing out a lot of them. But first of all shed rather have them, and second, the Note 4 texting app didn't run slow with all those texts so why should the Note 5? Right?

    2) she wants to stick with stock. So no 3rd party texting apps.

    3) the keyboard doesn't load slow anywhere else, so this does seem to be messaging app specific.

    Any ideas?

    11-30-2015 03:03 AM

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