1. AC Question's Avatar
    Hello everyone,

    I am needing some help in resolving this issue that I am currently having on my AT&T Samsung Note 5. I am receiving double text messages in group conversations only from a select people but when I individually text them, i only receive their response once.

    This issue is only happening in group conversations. I've tried factory reset, disabled any AT&T messaging applications and the lookout app and only kept the stock messaging app with no luck.

    Thank you,
    12-08-2015 01:12 PM
  2. vel7wil's Avatar
    That's because they are answering to all in the group conversation and not to a specific person. That's if I'm understanding what ur explaining
    12-08-2015 02:27 PM
  3. pinkvikchick's Avatar
    I've had this issue with ALL my AT&T phones that weren't iPhones. I thought it was just me, something with switching phones or IDs or whatever.

    Some responses show up in the group AND their own specific thread, some just in their own thread, some in the group, and when I respond back, sometimes it goes to group, sometimes it doesn't....
    12-08-2015 03:20 PM
  4. Chinoo's Avatar
    I'm also in att and having the same issue with message, I get in one message whatever that person wrote twice, any help will be appreciate.

    12-09-2015 06:49 AM
  5. CreamSoda90's Avatar
    My girlfriend is in the same group message and she isn't receiving duplicate messages, I'm hoping it's just a setting on my phone as she's also on the AT&T network.

    ** I'm the original poster on this, decided to create an account **

    Thanks everyone!
    12-09-2015 10:20 AM
  6. Chinoo's Avatar
    I spoke to Att, they gave me a new free Sim card, is been a day and no double message in a group, I will report back if this fixed
    12-24-2015 07:28 AM

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