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    Here's the problem. I am new to Samsung, and I have owned multiple Motorola Droid phones in the past. On previous phones, when I download a picture, I get an arrow in the notification bar, and I can use the pull down feature of the screen to pop the picture up and immediately share to a friend through FB Messenger or through MMS.

    I can't seem to do this with my new Verizon Samsung Note 5. I don't know if the Samsung software doesn't allow it? Or some compatibility issue? I can download a picture using long-press and save image options. I get the same notification, and I can use the pull-down to open the picture immediately. If my default is the Samsung Gallery app, the only interaction it will let me do is tap on "more" which lets me set as contact picture or set as wallpaper. It has zero options I can find to share. If I have Google Media Viewer as my default app, it DOES have a share icon on the bottom. I click it, and if I try to share to the FB Messenger app, it says "Error. Sorry, Messenger was unable to process this file." If I try to share to Verizon Message+ (which is my default MMS app) it says "Sorry, you cannot add this picture to your message."

    If I go into either the Samsung Gallery or the Google Photos app, scroll around and find the picture (because for some reason it doesn't always display them in order, find the picture, and long-press on it, it brings up a share option that DOES work, with both FB Messenger and Message+. So, essentially, I have to go to the extra trouble of opening the gallery, rooting around to find the picture, and share it from there, instead of just being able to share it from the notification drop-down.

    Is there any fix for this? While in conversation with friends, we frequently take screen shots, or save images we download and share them, and it is really super annoying having to go to the gallery and root around to find the picture I just downloaded to share, instead of being able to easily share it from the notification drop-down. If I take a screen shot, the Samsung Note 5 has a share option that works, so this only seems to be an issue with downloaded pictures. I just really hope someone can help. Maybe I got spoiled by all my droid phones, but when I switched to this Samsung, I really love this phone so much more, only the cumbersome process of sharing a downloaded image is really getting old quick and really frustrating. This should be so much easier. There must be something I'm missing. Please help.
    12-12-2015 08:26 AM
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    Mod Note, I will move this to the note 5 forum for more visibility
    12-12-2015 09:57 AM

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