1. zaydabarber's Avatar
    How do I add Signature to my text messages it was on the note 4 and 3 I don't see it on note 5

    At&t note 4 & note 5 gear 2 &gear s
    12-20-2015 05:33 PM
  2. jerry12's Avatar
    Open the text application & on the right side is the menu your settings are there & you can add a signature. I have a signature on mind
    12-20-2015 05:37 PM
  3. piinkRainbowz's Avatar
    No longer have the option. Gonna have to download third party app.
    12-21-2015 01:48 AM
  4. Nvincible's Avatar
    Option for signature is still there on mine. You just have to make sure you aren't on a specific person (last the last person you texted) but in the general screen. At least, it works on mine still.
    12-21-2015 08:47 AM
  5. bmetelsky's Avatar
    I'm on AT&T Note 5 and can confirm it is not an option in my text message settings.
    12-21-2015 09:06 AM
  6. zaydabarber's Avatar
    I'm on At&t too I don't see it

    At&t note 4 & note 5 gear 2 &gear s
    12-21-2015 03:18 PM
  7. zaydabarber's Avatar
    See I don't see it

    At&t note 4 & note 5 gear 2 &gear s
    Attached Thumbnails message signature-4769.jpg  
    12-21-2015 03:21 PM
  8. Nvincible's Avatar
    Yeah, mine says that too... You are in Notifications menu under Message settings. Signature is down 3 more places...
    12-21-2015 03:55 PM
  9. bmetelsky's Avatar
    It's not an option. Perhaps AT&T stripped it out.
    12-22-2015 12:54 AM

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